Who are the real monsters?

[Crossposted:] Watching a segment about the U.S. Coast Guard today, I heard an
agent describe the immigrant smugglers who bring people from Cube as
“ruthless” men who “care nothing for human life.” That may well be true. Yet
moments before saying those words, the agent intercepted a Cuban family
moments before their attempt to seek a life of freedom would have been
successful. They likely paid their life savings to the smuggler – and will probably be sent back to prison – or worse.

The smugglers risk their life to bring desperate people to a free society. The
border agents casually condemn people to a life of persecution and
oppression and force them to undergo a perilous and financially ruinous
journey. If it were not for their persecution, the trip from Cuba, Mexico, and China would certainly be far safer and cheaper for the immigrants. Yet the border agents are supposed to be celebrated as the moral heroes? The agents are well aware
of their atrocities: “They hear the stories. But they need work. They
need to eat. They’re desperate.” Why isn’t everyone else?

(By the way, as much as their are vilified, the smugglers have a
strong incentive to keep their cargo alive and out of jail – so much
that they provide free legal aid if they are caught. If they sometimes get too aggressive about making a profit, the migrants have only an uncaring and hostile immigration policy to blame.)

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