Real entrepreneurs don’t take bribes from the state

The Israeli government is trying to lure back some of the hundreds of thousands of Israeli expatriates with “tax breaks, employment and small business loans.”  The campaign is set to cost $36 million a year.  Israeli
politicians must realize on some level that their best and brightest
citizens are leaving in growing numbers because their grant experiment in utopian socialism has turned out to be a total failure.  What
they failed to consider however, is that to the extent that the
campaign is successful, it is will bring back the wrong kind of people:
those who value a short-term bribe over freedom and entrepreneurship
unhindered by the interventionist state.

2 responses to “Real entrepreneurs don’t take bribes from the state

  1. martinf

    I read your post on Rational Mind about the failure of Kibbutz. It’s again the failure of collectivism. I think that another experiment of “voluntary” collectivism are the Amish communes. I don’t know about their situation, so I can’t say whether they’re going through good or bad moments. What do you think of this experiment? Will it fail soon?
    But I think the situation of both experiments is different..

  2. Are the Amish really collectivist in a political sense? Don’t individual families own their farms?

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