Government fails at the basics, too


The private military contractor Blackwater “has sent a
private sector warship equipped with helicopters to the Gulf of Aden
, and is
offering its services to shipowners concerned with Somali piracy. 

Blackwater Worldwide executive vice-president Bill Matthews
said: “We have been contacted by shipowners who say they need our help in
making sure goods get to their destination. The McArthur can help us accomplish

I have no comment, other than to ask this:

Why is it that I hand over 50% of my income to the
government and submit to humiliating violations of my privacy on a regular
basis, and it can’t even perform the one role it is constitutionally authorized
to do?  Why is a private company with a
single ship able to do what the worlds superpowers, with their massive budgets
and huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons cannot? 
Are they even pretending to “defend our freedoms” or is mindless repetition
of that phrase enough to fool the masses into surrendering theirs?


2 responses to “Government fails at the basics, too

  1. rroopstr

    Perhaps this story is the dawn of a new era of specific military issues that will begin to be solved case by case privately, unless the big world war III screws everything up first

  2. Ubermensche

    I know the President of Blackwater (Erik Prince). His family’s home is right down the street from mine. I served him at the Restaurant I worked at. Nice fellow. He loved the service I gave him and his wife. I didn’t bother letting him know that I knew who he was. I wanted him to enjoy his meal. He had an older man who is a Marine that was talking to him and buying him drinks.

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