Welcome to Radical Idealism

Freedom is the most radically utopian ideal of all. 

What is freedom? Politically,
freedom is the absence of coercion.  Psychologically, freedom is the ability to consistently follow
reason and one’s own values wherever they may lead.

What is radicalism? Radicalism is uncompromising adherence
to an ideal.  In a human being, radical
freedom is integrity in the practice of rationality.  In a society, radical freedom means fully voluntary
trade among rational individuals, or laizzes faire capitalism.

What is utopianism? 
Utopia is an ideal state of human existence, which maximizes the
potential of human beings to live according to their true nature. 

Why is freedom utopian? 
Because human life requires the pursuit of values, which in turn
requires the freedom to choose and pursue those values.  Human nature requires free minds and free
men.  Restrictions of the mind, whether
political or philosophical, lead to restrictions on men, restrictions on men are restrictions of the mind. 

This blog will attempt to illustrate the connection between
freedom of thought, freedom of action, and the utopian existence which a free
society makes possible.  By contrast, it
will demonstrate that the ultimate cause of complex and longstanding social
ills is the restriction of human freedom.

A utopian world is neither mere fantasy, nor does it belong
to the traditional domain of mystics and collectivists.  It is real and achievable, but only to free
men and women.

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